Crater Lake in southern Oregon is just under 7 hours from the SF Bay Area. It is a National Park of unmatched beauty. You can find incredible views on energizing hikes around the rim of this collapsed volcano. Camp in at Mazama Village or stay at the Crater Lake Lodge.

Crater Lake

01 Sep 2014

  • 100~ a person
  • 48 hours
  • by Car

0 Arrive at Crater Lake

Entrance fee: $10 per car
Address: No Address!
Use: Crater Lake National Park, OR
Parking: Fairly easy in the off season. There is free parking and pull-outs all along the 33 mile rim for beautiful views.
Tent Camping: $21 a night

Crater Lake

1 Setup Camp at Mazama Village Campground

2 Hike the Short Trails

There are many trails to hike. Find the visitor center for a map of locations interesting to you! There are a few less strenuous hikes that sometimes include self guided tour pamphlets.

  • Sun Notch Trail
  • Lady of the Woods
  • Mazama Village Trail

Crater Lake

3 Hike the Rim Trails

The rim is 33 miles long and includes trails all along its perimeter.

  • Garfield Peak
  • Watchman's Point
  • Mount Scott

4 Views by Car

The views are incredibly accessible by car.

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